No more Mr Lice Guy!

The kids are back at school, they are playing together beautifully in the warm humid weather and who should join them but our old nemesis the Mr Lice.

Like an uninvited house guest, lice sneak their way in and take over every little corner. So how do we avoid this unwanted company coming home with our little ones? What can we do to politely make them leave? And how do we stop them returning?

Lice treatment salonHow do l stop my children from being infested?

Head lice cannot hop, jump or fly. They swing and climb on the hair and move to the scalp to feed. They do not survive in the environment and are passed on only by head to head contact.

The best method of preventing the spread of lice is to avoid head to head contact, keep the hair up and braided for girls or smooth and neat for boys and use a prevention spray and shampoo daily. Prevention products help to break down the louses immune system. So if you are using natural preventative ingredients like Pyrethrum (African Daisy), the louse will stay away from that particular head.

Pre, and primary school families are infested most often due to children working and playing closely together so keeping up the prevention routine until the end of primary school is most effective, particularly during the warmer months.

How do we best exterminate lice?

The sooner you can spot the lice, the simpler the treatment process will be. Keep an eye out for small red dots behind the ears and on the nape. Look for tiny black specks on pillows and eggs attached to the base of the hair shaft.

Treating a lice infestation involves 3 key steps.

  1. Cleansing, spraying of treatment oil, sectioning hair, combing with fine tooth lice comb and sterilising along the way.
  2. Final shampoo, conditioner, rinse and towel dry.
  3. Blow dry then a final check and sterilise.

A follow up removal within 7 days is important to ensure all eggs and tiny insects have been eliminated.

Or of course, you can leave it to the professionals and enquire with your local hairdresser.

image1What to do at home?

  • Bedding, pillowslips and hats need a hot temperature wash then put into a hot dryer.
  • Brushes and hair accessories need to be washed in hot water and de-haired, then put in a plastic bag and frozen overnight to ensure you have killed them all.
  • There is no need to vacuum the whole house, disinfect every corner, and fumigate the environment, as head lice do not survive for long off the head. The only way head lice can get water and food is by sucking blood from the scalp (lovely!).

Letting your school know you have had a lice problem allows them to notify other parents so they can treat their kids too before the infestation continues, they will keep your name anonymous.

Always remember, lice do not live in the environment, they only survive on the head. Like any creature, head lice will not leave their food source to an inhospitable foreign environment. Make it uninviting for lice to take up residence in your kids hair by getting in a good prevention routine.

We are more than happy to answer any queries you might have about preventing or treating lice in your home and please feel free to drop me a line on or phone us on 02 9399 3455.

Shannon Spark

Shannon Spark is the Manager of The Spot 2 B Hairdressing & Beauty at The Spot in Randwick. She is passionate about hairdressing and styling for every member of the family and has built an excellent reputation in the Eastern Suburbs as the “go-to-lady” for kids cuts.

About The Spot 2 B Hairdressing & Beauty:

The Spot 2 B Hairdressing & Beauty salon has a private lice treatment room where our professional hairdressers provide a fun and relaxing environment for kids. Let us take the pain out of lice prevention and treatment for you.

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