Head Lice Treatment & Nit Removal
The Spot 2 B Hairdressing & Beauty salon has a private lice treatment room where our professional hairdressers provide a fun and relaxing environment for kids. Treating a lice infestation involves 3 key steps.
  1. Cleansing, spraying of treatment oil, sectioning hair, combing with fine tooth lice comb and sterilising along the way.
  2. Final shampoo, conditioner, rinse and towel dry.
  3. Blow dry then a final check and sterilise.
A follow up removal within 7 days is important to ensure all eggs and tiny insects have been eliminated. We welcome you to phone us on 02 9399 3455 for information and advice on lice prevention and treatment. Let us take the pain out of lice prevention and lice treatment for you.

Short length 3-5 inches

Short Lice Check $9.95
Short Treatment $99.95

Time frame: 30-34min

Medium length 5-8 inches

Medium Lice Check $14.95
Medium Treatment $139.95

Time frame: 45-60min

Long length 8-15 inches

Long Lice Check $24.95
Long Treatment $169.95

Time frame: 60-90min

X-Long length 15-20 inches

X-Long Lice Check $39.95
X-Long Treatment $199.95

Time frame: 90-120min