Childrens Haircuts

At the Spot 2 B we are committed to each and every member of the family. We have a great team of girls who believe all our customers come first (especially the little ones). From years of experience we know that if the little ones are happy then everyone else will be. We take delight in making it all about your child/children: Beautiful Pedal Cars, First Haircut Certificates, Ballons & Jellybeans, iPads & TVs for entertainment and Bumble Bee's garden.

Face Painting from $8.00
Decorations in hair and sparkles $5.00
GHD Straightening from $25.00
GHD Curls from $25.00
Chlorine Removal Treatment from $15.00
Shampoo & Treatment $8.00
Children's Braid from $29.95
Children's Dentagle Treatment from $29.95
Children's Wash & Blow-Dry $29.95
Children's Frindge Tidy Up $15.50
Children's Cut $35.95

8-12 years

Children's Cut $32.95

1-8 years

Children's Cut $22.95

Under 12 months