Worlds Greatest Shave

The Spot 2 B are proud to be involved in the World's Greatest Shave. On Tuesday 6th December, Shannon and Regina will be going to Randwick Girls High School to shave the gorgeous, generous and extremely brave Nubia's hair. All for a great cause. I think everyone has had someone close effected by Leukaemia so let's all help out where we ... More

No more Mr Lice Guy!

The kids are back at school, they are playing together beautifully in the warm humid weather and who should join them but our old nemesis the Mr Lice. Like an uninvited house guest, lice sneak their way in and take over every little corner. So how do we avoid this unwanted company coming home with our little ones? What can we do to ... More

The Facts of Lice

There are three stages in the life of a louse. The egg, the nymph and the adult louse. More

Hairdressing For The Whole Family

At “The Spot 2 B” we are committed to the whole family. More

We wish all haircuts could be this much fun!

It’s not every day that you get your hair cut for the first time. More